Therapy with Kristi Rhebb, LMFT

Mariella Arceo

Jan 10, 2023

Kristi's background, specialties and therapy philosophies
Kristi Rhebb is Florida-based, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in helping clients dealing with trauma, anxiety, OCD, and chronic illness. Her approach to therapy is collaborative and client-centered, using her expertise to support clients' autonomy of themselves.

Kristi Rhebb

Kristi is experienced in a variety of settings, including adult and pediatric oncology/neurology hospital units, child and adolescent crisis and behavioral health units. Before starting her private practice, Kristi worked as a mental health and grant writing consultant for a cancer care nonprofit and a tech company. Kristi pursued the molecular biology field in college but ultimately found fulfillment in becoming a therapist. 

A core foundational belief that Kristi has is that people deserve to be seen, understood, and valued for who they are - without judgment. She believes in collaboration and autonomy; bringing her expertise to the table and the clients' expertise on themselves. Kristi helps her clients grow and heal in a positive, compassionate, and non judgemental space where the clients can explore their issues and create new patterns and behaviors to better show up for one's self and others.

Therapy sessions with Kristi
The first session is an opportunity to build trust; expectations, goals, and other concerns from both Kristi and the client will be discussed. Progress will be tracked through targeted measures and self-report logs to identify improvements and setbacks.

Therapy comes to a close when the client's issues have been addressed. The sessions will be spaced out in advance to consolidate treatment gains and build confidence to manage problems by one's self.

Kristi is committed to providing a supportive and empowering environment for her clients to grow and find healing. She recognizes that seeking therapy can be a challenging decision and works with clients to create a treatment plan that meets their specific needs and goals. If you’re considering seeking therapy and think Kristi may be a good fit for you, we encourage you to reach out and schedule a consultation.