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Jessica Bell

Clinical Director


Phone Number

(904) 467-4668

Years of Experience

6 years


2015 - 2017

University of Florida

2011 - 2015

University of Central Florida





LPC 0017303

Professional Statement
Jessica Bell is an ERP specialist for clients experiencing OCD and anxiety (social anxiety, phobias, panic disorder, and generalized anxiety). Clients that work with Jessica have been struggling with intrusive thoughts that feel extremely distressing and limit them from engaging in life in the way they want to. They spend time ruminating, avoiding, and engaging in behaviors over and over that seem to only help a short period of time (if at all). 

She also has experience working specifically around OCD themes of Harm Obsessions (fears that you will harm  yourself or others, hit and run OCD), Sexual Obsessions, Perinatal OCD, Pure O,  Relationship OCD, "Just Right,"  Contamination/Illness, Vomiting Phobias, and more. 

Jessica can also provide EMDR for clients that are suffering from trauma related symptoms. She also has experience in helping individuals understand their attachment styles and how this may impact the relationships with our families, romantic partners, and friends.

Jessica Bell graduated from the University of Florida with a MEd/EdS in Mental Health Counseling. She has worked in a variety of settings (acute inpatient hospitals, longer term inpatient programs, intensive outpatient programs for OCD, outpatient therapy, and agency settings). She now works in private practice, working with clients and overseeing other outpatient therapists. Jessica has also assisted teaching courses on stress management and mindfulness at UF and incorporates these into counseling sessions as well.  Jessica is able to work with clients that are located in Florida and Colorado during their sessions.
Message to clients
It takes a lot of bravery to reach out and start therapy. It can be scary to think about not trying to do this on our own anymore and it can be pretty vulnerable to talk with someone about what’s been going on in life. I nonjudgmentally and empathetically, go at your pace for exploring vulnerable areas. I also encourage clients to share feedback with me-what is working, what do you like, what’s not working, etc. You are the best judge about what you need, so we pay close attention to this. Our therapeutic relationship is also a very important factor in this process, so it’s important to feel like it’s the right fit and I may check in and see how the therapeutic relationship feels for you. 

The first session or two focuses on background information. I provide a thorough assessment in order to understand as much as I can about you and what you’ve been experiencing. We then set goals and then work towards those goals through the variety of techniques above. When we have met or are moving closer to goals, individuals will move down from weekly sessions to biweekly or monthly sessions, until they feel confident to approach what brought them to counseling and feel complete with their process in therapy.