Profile Picture
Kristi Rhebb



Phone Number

(904) 467-4668

Years of Experience

15 years


2004 - 2006

University of Rochester

1998 - 2004

University of Nebraska



MT 2612

Professional Statement
Kristi is a mental health professional with 15+ years of clinical, research, and communications experience in the psychosocial health, molecular biology, and small-business sectors.

She is rooted in biopsychosocial-spiritual, family systems, and collaborative care, but utilizes framework integration to best serve her clients – drawing not only on these approaches, but on CBT, DBT, ACT, Narrative, Motivational Interviewing, and other approaches as it best serves clients. Her competencies include and extend beyond traditional assessment into a deeper understanding of how different backgrounds can influence mental health and guide appropriate therapeutic treatments.

Message to clients
She has experience workin with those who experienced chronic illness and traumatic medical conditions. She also works with clients processing family dynamics, working through depression and coping with anxiety.

As an LMFT with training and previous experience in a variety of settings, she provides quality mental health care to clients via a platform that meets them right where they’re at.